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Welcome to Franklin Locality. Thanks in advance for taking the time out of your day to visit the site, and we encourage you to share it with friends and family. This portal is a work in progress, and as it develops, several aspects will change as we discover new ways to assist the community.

If you have a wish to support us in our goal of a better tomorrow, please reach out and leave a comment or suggestion, email inbox@franklinlocality.com


An atrocious series of events may be brewing:(
Keep FC Clean,

A power plant has been deployed in our county by a company called Georgia Renewable Power LLC, or GRP. Pollution is already expanding past infraction levels. Our air, our water, and our ears risk contamination.

Franklin Locality has chosen this subject as a first effort in the spread of awareness, with ambitions to be the go-to place to reference this potentially frightful situation as a whole. Over time certain contexts get buried; we wish to avoid that by devoting a place where things stay attached. Excuse our primitive launch, we initially scheduled for another year of development, but this subject is significant. We overheard rumors about Facebook content being removed. If that is true, bring that content here, once validated we will publish so that steps can be made to mitigate the error, in which we will post the actions taken for the solution. Our common goal is to progress in protecting our homes, businesses, and resources.

If pollution grows rampant, imagine the swamp Franklin County will be in 10 short years. We cannot bear to stand by and let this happen; it could cause a long-lasting detrimental effect on our citizens and wildlife.

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The Mission

The Franklin Locality will serve the community with intentions of creating more opportunities, bringing enjoyment to daily routines, and creating a voice for the people that has a reference in history.

With the power of some tech and significant initiative, we can realize progress.

The Franklin Locality will act as the portal of Franklin County, GA. Tailored for citizens, business owners, and potential investors. To change the world, you must first start by changing yourself and your community.

Bring New Business

This site will act as a portal in which investors and developers can come and research the community and its needs for a potential customer base with a goal to offer a head start to new ideas.

Discover Services

With the vast land we have, some services may go unnoticed. Franklin Locality will provide local awareness to services, especially those in which propel Franklin County into the future.

Empower the Community

Franklin Locality also provides a portal for the community to stay updated. A portal that will allow the community to research and provide products and services that the community requests.

Intuitive Business Directory

A vital function of this site will be to provide a working, intuitive business directory. It will list relevant businesses, their services, or product. We wish to provide this information to customers looking for a specific service or to an investor/developer so they know what the community already has and what would succeed in a particular location.

In Development
Coming Soon
  • Business Directory Enhancements
  • Poll Explorer
  • Business Spotlights
  • Business Investment Reports
  • Community Awareness / Development
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Our first poll. FOOD!

Franklin Locality will host a number of polls, but here is our first. What premium food item would be your choice.

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